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Frame: $33
4 Motors: $60
4 ESCs: $52
Flight Controller - $33
PDB - $15
Props: $10
FPV Camera - $40
Mobius Cam - $77
ImmersionRC 5.8 Video Tx - $70
Battery – 3s 1500mah - $10
Frsky 2.4 ghz rx - $25
Lotus 5800 - Prototype 5.8 ghz RHCP Video Antenna - Spec UAV - 

This is the first part of a video tutorial explaining how to put together the HobbyRC Ready To Build (RTB) 250 Class Quad Kit.

This kit is designed for people who might be new to the multirotor world and would like to build their own quadrocopter - we have tried to make everything as simple as possible to follow. While the build is basic enough for beginners, we have designed it in such a way that it is easily upgradable for FPV flight in the future. We will be uploading a video at a later date which will show you how to do this.

Additional RC gear needed (not included):
- A 6ch receiver and transmitter (TX/RX) (eg. Turnigy 9XR/FrSky Taranis and OrangeRX R615X/FrSky D4R-II)
- A 1300mAh - 1800mAh 3S battery (lower capacity is better for acrobatics). We have done some testing which addresses which battery is best this build. You can find the results of the testing here:

Other things you will need:
- Soldering Iron and Solder
- Electrical Tape
- A sharp pointed tool
- A drill

Notes and Resources:
- You will need some basic soldering skills for this assembly. The soldering required for this kit is not very difficult and here is a great resource for learning how to solder:

- The motors used in this video come terminated with bare wires. If you don't know how to solder bullet connectors onto the wires, we have uploaded a video showing you how to do this:
Alternatively if you would prefer us to solder bullet connectors onto your motors before we ship them, then we do offer a soldering service for a small additional cost.

- Here is a diagram detailing the electrical layout of the Power Distribution Board, ESCs and the battery:
In this tutorial we are only concerned with the pads which are labelled 'Negative Input/Output' and 'Positive Input/Output'. In our next tutorial we will be using the additional outputs to power the video transmitter for FPV flight.

- Here is a diagram of the correct layout for the motors and propellors:

- Here is a diagram showing how to connect the ESCs to the Naze32:

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