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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tokyo Police intercept active drone by unfurling net

Tokyo Police intercept active drone with unfurled net

The future is clumsy as heck. Yesterday, Tokyo Police launched their first anti-drone , a team designed to enforce new rules banning drones from dense urban areas. To stop bad guys with drones, they have big net

wielding drones of their own, built to catch the offending craft in the act. If that sounds like it’d be sleek, that’s exactly wrong. Here’s what a police drone catching a quadcopter with a net actually looks like:

That’s a big police drone taking off, unfurling a net, and pursuing a standard-sized quadcopter across a parking lot. Here’s the attack from another angle

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  1. You should know that there are drones that are called multirotors, but most people still call them drones because it’s easier to say.